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Top 7 Stylish and Unique Flooring Options for 2022

Careful contemplation goes along with choosing every element in an interior. But whichever theme you go for, you must ensure your flooring can catch up! After all, your floors can be the tie-breaker or deal maker for a well-designed interior space. 

You can consult with a flooring company in Carmel, NY, to see all available flooring made for all themes of interior space. But for some inspiration, check out the most popular flooring trends this 2022:


Parquet is a newer flooring trend dominating 2022. It’s famous for its unique placement of wooden planks and has been around since the 16th century. But modern designers switched its warm red-orange hues to something more contemporary, like gray and beige.


Porcelain floorings are colorful and eye-catching, boasting different designs, patterns, and shades perfect for any home or business. And it’s become trendy in 2022 thanks to its flexibility, allowing you to brighten up your space. The only downside is that porcelain tends to be cold to the feet, but you can always install an underfloor heating system to keep it nice and toasty.


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Concrete is flexible and helps you make the raw finish for your floors. And though you can have your concrete floors painted for extra style, its original gray hue has recently become popular in the flooring sector. 

Natural Stone Wood Floors

As tempting as it is to replicate stone, its intricate details and natural textures are impossible to copy! So, stick with the original natural stones and add more class to your space. But beware, these tend to be expensive and require careful maintenance.

Carpet Tiles

Carpeted floors have been a popular trend in the flooring industry for years, and 2022 is no different. But instead of monotonous single-shaded carpets, people are becoming more creative with carpet tiles! As their name suggests, carpet tiles look like your regular tiles but are patches of carpet. With this, you’ll be able to add a bit more of a unique flair to your space.

PVC Vinyl

Make your space look and feel fancy by making your floors more natural. And you don’t need to break the bank to get the high-end style, thanks to PVC Vinyl. This material lets you replicate natural flooring like stone and marble, adding a touch of sophistication to your space. 

Moreover, PVC Vinyl is incredibly flexible, complementing any aesthetic well.


Laminate Flooring - Carmel Flooring Company

Opt for laminate flooring if you want to get wooden floors but don’t want them to be bulky. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s also customizable! So, you can turn your laminate floors into something unique to your space. And best of all, they’re readily available and affordable.

These flooring ideas bring a unique palette of pattern and color trends in 2022. And considering these for your space can get them to a new level of style and interior design. Each material works with different themes, and all you must do is explore their limitless possibilities! Contact our partner for your Heater repair in Rocky Mount

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